Our offers

Tuesday 6:30pm - 9:30pm Pizza and Bowl
2x games of bowling and freshly made 12 inch pizza with a topping of your own choice. Just £12 per person.

Wednesday mornings
Coffee mornings at Bury Bowl. 2 games of ten pin bowling with a free beverage and biscuits for only £5.25.

Fridays after-school deals
One game of bowling plus a junior meal and squash for only £5,50 per child or just one game of bowling for only £2.50 per child.

Green Pin Saturdays with Cosmic Bowling
Every Saturday evening the lights go down, the UV lights come on and the pins glow. If you fancy a night out with a bit of extra fun, then why not give this a go.
As you bowl look out for the appearance of a green pin at the head of the pack - that's the one in the middle right at the front. Notify a member of our team to witness as you attempt to knock it over. If you bowl a strike with your effort, you win a choice from a variety of prizes!

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Have the perfect night at our bowling alley in
 Bury St Edmunds. Call 01284 750 704
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